Monday, August 23, 2004

Well, this should be interesting

So here's what I'm up to -- This September I expect to be playing in the Boylston Chess Club Club Championship tournament. This is still not a certainty yet as I did not qualify automatically by winning the Reubens-Landey qualifying tournament. But I am the first alternate and typically several players are asked to join since not all the master-rated players in the club choose to participate.

Why blog about a chess tournament? Well, unlike most tournaments these days in the United States, the BCC championship is a round-robin (all play all) at classical time controls (40/2, 20/1, SD/30). Therefore, two factors come into play which are not typical of the more usual swiss-system tournaments: 1) advance preparation since your opponent and color is known ahead of time for each round and 2) adjournments of games after the first time control. I think it will be interesting to document efforts related to these topics as the tournament progresses (interesting to me, at least. Let me know if you concur). In addition, I plan to post game scores, standings and anything else interesting related to the tournament.

Let's start the experiment ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

David, it's great to read coverage like this.
Good for us, but hopefully not bad for you. I've
always thought that you were an expert strength player,
but that we had a different mindset about the nature of
a tournament. My view was that what happenned in the
game could not be changed, it was important to
immediately forget about it and focus all available
energy preparing for the next game, in the form of
deep opening preparation - playing out entire games
of the expected opening of next week's game. Also,
there are many errors of analysis that appear in game
bulletins, but a player during the tournament should
be focused on the task at hand, and nothing else, even
if it means keeping quiet about analysis of a position
which you understand a little bit better. One just
does not have an infinite amount of energy.

Ah, well, now I'm glad you do this stuff, it's
entertaining to read it. Go out there and be who you
are in your games.... don't change anything because
of fear of anyone more highly rated. Good luck.

Sincerely, Eddie Chisam

4:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic Idea

Can I add to your site ?
I'd like to have a list of local players and their ICC handles !
What do you think about that ?

Also, do you ever listen to World Chess Network audio ? they are on at 12 est and 6 est usually ?
also, play has some multimedia content
of course is pretty cool too

4:51 AM  

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