Thursday, August 05, 2004

Category Summary: All Championship Games

Here are all the games from the Championship with associated posts on adjourned positions, opening prep, best games and additional analysis/ annotations. I hope you are not in rush.

Round 1

Glickman-Slive 1-0 C02: French Advance, Euwe Variation – Adjourned Position

Mac Intyre-Cherniack 1-0 C19: French Winawer, Main Line 7. a4 – Mac Intyre’s AnnotationsBest Game

Williams-Riordan 0-1 D79: Gruenfeld Fianchetto, Symmetrical Variation

Chase-Martirosov 1/2 B30: Sicilian Rossolimo Variation – Adjourned Position

Round 2

Slive-Chase 0-1 E91: King's Indian, Classical Variation

Martirosov-Williams 1/2 D35: Queen’s Gambit Declined, Exchange Variation – Best Game

Riordan-Mac Intyre 0-1 C82: Open Ruy Lopez, 9.c3 without 9...Be7

Cherniack-Glickman 1/2 D30: Queen's Gambit Declined, Systems without Nc3

Round 3

Cherniack-Slive 1-0 A18: English Opening, Flohr-Mikenas System – Adjourned PositionSlive’s Annotations

Glickman-Riordan 1-0 B22: Sicilian 2.c3 – Adjourned PositionOpening PreparationBest Game

Mac Intyre-Martirosov 1/2 B45: Sicilian Taimanov

Williams-Chase 0-1 A04: King's Indian Attack

Round 4

Slive-Williams 1-0 A42: Modern Defense, Averbakh Variation

Chase-Mac Intyre 1-0 A05: Reti, Double Fianchetto – Adjourned PositionBest Game

Martirosov-Glickman 1-0 C00: French Defense, King's Indian Attack

Riordan-Cherniack 0-1 A45: Trompowsky Attack

Round 5

Riordan-Slive 1-0 D34: Queen's Gambit Declined, Tarrasch Defense (by transposition)

Cherniack-Martirosov 0-1 D35: Queen's Gambit Declined, Exchange Variation – Best Game

Glickman-Chase 0-1 B07: Pirc Defense, Miscellaneous Systems – Adjourned PositionOpening Preparation

Mac Intyre-Williams 1-0 B06: Modern Defense

Round 6

Slive-Mac Intyre 0-1 E94: King's Indian, Classical Variation

Williams-Glickman 1-0 B01: Scandinavian Defense 2…Qxd5, Systems without d4

Chase-Cherniack 0-1 C66: Ruy Lopez, Steinitz Defense – Best Game GM Patrick Wolff's annotations

Martirosov-Riordan 1/2 A80: Dutch Defense, 2.Bg5

Round 7

Martirosov-Slive 1-0 D37: Queen's Gambit Declined, 5.Bf4 – Adjourned PositionSlive’s Adjournment Session NotesMartirosov’s Adjourned Position Analysis

Riordan-Chase 1/2 B90: Sicilian Najdorf, Unusual White 6th moves, 6 Be3 e5 – Adjourned PositionAdjourned Position #2Best Game

Cherniack-Williams 1-0 D35: Queen's Gambit Declined, Exchange Variation

Glickman-Mac Intyre 0-1 C23: Bishop's Opening, 2...Bc5