Thursday, September 09, 2004

Championship Participants (final)

Apparently Reubens-Landey winner Simon Warfield was unable to play in the Championship. As a result, all those tied for second secured a spot. Here is the final list of participants:

Paul Mac Intyre (2303); 2253 FIDE
Chris Chase (2289); 2349 FIDE
Charles Riordan (2258); 2293 FIDE
Alex Cherniack (2228); 2232 FIDE
Vadim Martirosov (2198); 2249 FIDE
Chris Williams (2053)
Alex Slive (2039)
David Glickman (1937)

Titles: FM - FIDE Master, NM - National Master

Ratings: Most recent published USCF rating (typically August 2004 supplement); Current published FIDE rating


Blogger Robert Oresick said...

I am curious why Simon Warfield didn't play in round 1.
Is he not available to play because of the weds time instead of mon?

Also, I wonder if you or anyone reading this knows the lineage of bbc champions. I have a listing back to bill robertie in 1975, then nothing. The list and photos of many champions are at

11:06 AM  

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