Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Riordan-Chase Rd. 7 adjourned position #2

The final game of the Championship has been adjourned for a second time -- the only time this has happened in this tournament. Since the 3rd time control is Sudden Death/30, the game must come to a conclusion during tonight's session.

Riordan-Chase Rd. 7 adjourned position #2
White sealed his 61st move

White: Kb2; Qh2; Pawns on a3 and f3

Black: Kg7; Qd1; Ra1; Pawn on g6

FEN "8/6k1/6p1/8/8/P4P2/1K5Q/r2q4 w - - 0 61"


Blogger CRR said...


Riordan-Chase was agreed drawn without further moves (White has a perpetual check since black can never move his queen off the first rank). The sealed move was 61.Qe5+.


2:39 PM  

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