Monday, November 15, 2004

An update on the BCC Members' Blog

moon launch
I must admit that the response to my post on a members' blog was less than overwhelming. Nevertheless, the limited feedback was strongly positive and I continue to believe that this idea has real potential even if only a small number of people choose to participate actively.

Just like this weblog, I believe some direct marketing to the membership will be required to generate interest. My initial ideas are signs/flyers at the club, an e-mail to the club e-mail list and an announcement at the Herb Healy. Also, a direct link from the BCC homepage to the weblog will be key. I will be coordinating with the BCC President and Webmaster over the next several weeks to make progress on these items. I'm thinking about an official launch in December.

In the meantime, I am "soft" launching the new weblog today for anyone who would like to get a jump start. Check it out, sign up, start posting, make it a great resource and service for the club:


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