Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Hauptturnier

The Hauptturnier runs concurrent to the Championship for members who do not qualify for Championship but wish to participate in a round robin tournament under the same time controls, rules, etc. This year there are 11 players participating:

Carey Theil (2005)
Robert Sullivan (1933)
Bob Fuhro (1917)
Natasha Christiansen (1906)
Bryant Vernon (
Bernardo Iglesias (1738)
Jon Lee (
Ed Foye (1596)
Ted Gorczyca (
Bob Oresick (1540)
Greg Hager (

The tournament will be 11 rounds with each participant receiving one bye.

While I'm not planning to cover the "Haup" in this weblog (I need to sleep occasionally!?), I may note some newsworthy items from time to time. The first of these was a major upset in the first round -- Bob Oresick defeated Carey Theil. Congratulations Bob!


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