Monday, September 20, 2004

Standings (after Round 2) - preliminary

Paul Mac Intyre
...still have not heard anything regarding the rescheduling of the Martirosov-Williams Round 2 game. So here are the current standings sans that encounter:

2.0 Mac Intyre

1.5 Chase, Glickman

1.0 Riordan

0.5 Martirosov(1), Cherniack

0.0 Williams(1), Slive

(#) - # of rounds completed for players who have completed fewer than 2 rounds


Blogger Robert Oresick said...

Hi David
This is a cool way to keep up with the championship.
With Bernardo's help, we were able to find more pictures of past BCC champions. Your readers may be interested to see the illustrious past champs.

1:04 AM  
Blogger Matt Klegon said...

Chris, youre amazing.find some better tactics

6:15 PM  

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