Monday, October 25, 2004

Hauptturnier standings

the hop
With the pace of the Championship slowing down (no games last week due to the Annual Meeting and only make-up games this week) it seems like a good time to check-in on the Haup. Since several players still have many games to complete it is hard to say who is actually leading at this point. Fuhro, Iglesias, Sullivan, Vernon and Dean all look like they remain in contention for the crown.

6.5 Fuhro(3)

6.0 Iglesias(3)

5.0 Sullivan(4)

3.5 Vernon(5), Lee(4)

3.0 Dean(6)

2.0 Foye(4), Hager(4)

1.5 Gorczyca(4)

1.0 Oresick(5)

0.0 Theil(withdrew)

(#) - Number of games remaining to be played

Note: Theil withdrew after losing to Oresick in Round 1. As a result, all the other players' scores reflect a forfeit win.


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