Friday, November 19, 2004

Prize Winners

First Place - Paul Mac Intyre
$300 plus free entry to all eligible tournaments at the BCC from December 1, 2004 to November 30, 2005

Second & Third Place - Chris Chase & Vadim Martirosov
Split the second and third place prizes of $200 and $100 respectively ($150 each)

Fourth through Eighth Place - Cherniack, Riordan, Glickman, Williams, Slive
The recognition and prestige (if any) of participating in the 2004 Boylston Chess Club Championship tournament

Special TD Prize - Bernardo Iglesias
Our gratitude for another flawlessly run tournament

See also my previous post "Prize Fund".


Blogger MacIntyre said...

And lest we forget, the special prize for Most Innovative Use of Technology in the Service of a Non-Profit Corporation goes to David Glickman, blogger extraordinaire, for the unprecedented and successful BCC Championship Blog.

8:42 AM  

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